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    1. ABOUT US
      Established in 2011, RONGZHI FSENS PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises. We are committed to the investment and construction in the fields of drug research and development, production, sales, medical services. RONGZHI FSENS advocates the "people-oriented" enterprise culture and brings together a group of high-quality professional management talents, skilled professional and technical talents and a united and enterprising marketing team. After several years of integrated development, it has initially grown into a brand enterprise with certain influence in the industry, continuously creating value for the society.
      Lienal Polypeptide Injection
      Lienal Polypeptide Injection is a sterile aqueous solution of polypeptide with molecular weight less than 6000 Dalton, free amino-acid, nucleic acid and total sugar made from spleen extract of healthy calf.
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